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RMS - Resume Management System RMS is a Complete Office Automation Tool for the Manpower Consultancy. RMS is a candidate resume bank and also it enables storing of candidate details in an effective and efficient way. RMS helps to navigate inside the hundreds and thousands of the candidate databases. Also it enables filtering of the candidate for a specific client's requirement. RMS is a multi-user system with hassle free thin client architecture - maintenance free technology.

  • RMS is a multi-user intranet system running inside the Internet Explorer.
  • RMS stores the candidate information in an organized way.
  • RMS automatically generates the candidates’ resume in the predefined template as a word document with the information entered in the system.
  • The candidates’ resume of any type – word doc, scanned hard copy or text resume can be stored.
  • The Candidates’ complete details can be captured including
    • Personal Details
    • Employment History
    • Salary Expectations
  • Any changes in the Candidates’ details will be recorded in the system along with the date of change and the user who changed the details.
  • The Client’s details along with their project details are managed in an effective way.
  • Searching the candidates’ resume for a specific requirement is made easy.
  • The history of the candidates’ resume sent for each and every client is maintained.
  • Facility for storing the candidates’ photo
  • Personalized way of listing the candidates and clients details
  • Adding and Editing the complete details of the candidate in a single screen
  • Facility to add remarks for each and every candidate as well as client.
  • Easy user interface for faster working in the system
  • Inbuilt email client to send resumes to the client.
  • History maintained for the resumes sent electronically and by conventional mail separately.

  • Management of the candidates’ details made easy.
  • Paper-free office environment.
  • Searching the Candidate from the Resume bank is made easy and can be done in few minutes, increases the executives’ productivity.
  • Complete history of each and every resume sent to the clients will be helpful for the future reference.
  • Higher Productivity of the executives because of the organized way of storing the candidate’s database
  • Managing the candidates’ details is very easy, because the resumes of all the candidates are available in a centralized database.
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